Who is Kirk Tinsley?

CEO's, Corporate Leaders, Sports Teams, Organizations, Schools, Churches, Civic Groups; all have decided this one thing. His passion, his success, and his story is one that impacts, inspires, and encourages you to do great things from overcoming obstacles and past failures. From his success and influence with Fortune 500 companies to the World Champion NBA Houston Rockets; you quickly see why he is requested by thousands.
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It Happens to People from New York, China, & All Over the World – Unfortunately

Neither of them deserved this, but who does? Nobody in my mind. Nobody! So many times in our lives it really doesn’t have to be this way. It really doesn’t. We just choose it this way. I have to admit though as I visit hospitals to see challenging situations several times a year, there are too many sad or unfortunate stories that cause much pain by a terrible event to an individual and/or families. There is one tragedy though that I see almost every day that may be the biggest tragedy of ...